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Cake Photography

So much can go into a cake and it isn’t just flour, sugar and eggs. After all of the heart, vision and hard work put into each piece, you owe it to yourself to get a good picture of the cake before it walks out of the door. I am a self taught food stylist and photographer and I want to share with you how to capture those images that will do your cakes justice.


Cake decorating is full of possibilities and the sky’s the limit? The cake industry is abundant with instructors who can teach willing learners the craft, but some mediums can be trickier to find the instruction you need. From foundation techniques to innovative applications and buttercream sculpting, I’m sharing my experience with you in the Big Laugh Kitchen to grow your buttercream skills


Cake is the canvas but more times than not, the recipient receives a cake that is either delicious or beautiful but not both. Let’s face it, baking is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Find recipes for fillings, buttercream and of course— Cake!

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I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. With an extensive background in food management and flavor development, designing cakes seemed like the perfect marriage for my talents. Buttercream in particular is my favorite medium because of its beauty and sometimes unforgiving nature, however, I found that it provided the intellectual exercise that I needed to be appropriately challenged in my craft. Designing cakes naturally lead me to photography and essentially allowed my creativity and talents flourish.

It’s no secret that I like sweets and even more so, I love capturing them in images! Grab some sweet images for yourself in the BLK Merch shop

While you’re here, stay a while and browse around! Photography tips, cake styling, recipes and tutorials are all at your fingertips. At Big Laugh Kitchen, the library grows on a weekly basis to provide resources for bakers and cake business owners alike.