Tip Tuesday

*This post contains affiliate links

*This post contains affiliate links

|Organize Colors|

I am a super inspired by colors, in fact, it is often hard for me to start anything without adding a bit of color to whatever project I’m working on first. Naturally, as a decorator, I’ve got lots of food gel colors on hand, literally. Nothing brings my day to a screeching halt like reaching into my purse and pulling out a blue hand from a busted rouge food gel bottle. Don’t ask me how, but it has happened to me more times than I would like to count so I sought out a better way to store my food gel so it doesn’t end up in my purse.


I prefer to use Americolor food gel, the squeeze bottle vs dipping works great for me, but even more so, the bottles fit perfectly snug in this lipstick holder!

Keeping up with my colors has never been easier, really, I haven’t had a blue hand since I started using this lipstick tray to hold my colors. If you have dipping bottles (Wilton) for your food gel colors, no worries, just remove the silicone insert and the bottles will fit right in the tray making for easy storage.