Tip Tuesday


|Incorporating flavors|

In baking there are many ways to incorporate flavor but sometimes it can be tricky. Have you ever tried to change up a recipe by adding bananas or even alcohol and it turned out extra mushy or even worse, dry?

If you are well versed in the kitchen, it comes as no surprise that different ingredients yield different outcomes and that baking is really a science. Next time you reach for a banana to add to your recipe, take note that it is 70-80% water per 100g and you will need to reduce the liquid in your recipe to avoid a baking fail.

Your next thought may be to hop on over to the baking aisle at the nearest grocer to grab a few packs of jello. Hold your horses — this solution may be good in a pinch, but often the flavor jello give tastes artificial not to mention the colors.

If adjusting your recipe to achieve a more favorable outcome seems a bit above your head, fear not, Amoretti has got your back!


With a wide variety of extracts, chocolates, flours, compounds and artisan flavors, Amoretti makes it even easier to incorporate different flavors into your baking.

A little goes a long way with theses products and better yet, they are shelf stable. The next time you are thinking of being adventurous with your flavoring, stop by Amoretti and show them some love!