Tip Tuesday


|Scheduling time for pictures|

Pictures are an important part of the decorating process, more important than many realize. Don’t leave it to chance hoping that you will have time to get a good picture, plan for it!

Cake week here at the Big Laugh Kitchen can be hectic lots of moving parts to keep track of when there is cake on the books. Of course flavor, baking and decorating are very important to me as a provider, however, getting a good picture of the final product is VITAL.

Having a good picture of your finished piece is important for a few reasons,

  1. Proof/ Insurance- in case anything goes south, hopefully it doesn’t, you have proof of what you provided.

  2. Marketing- A picture is worth a thousand words, give your cake a voice and use them to build out your visual brand

  3. Portfolio/ Keepsake- You may want to frame your pictures in the future or put together a portfolio for resumes or a look book for your business.

After all of the flour and sugar have settled and the dishes are piled up to the ceiling, a picture is the last thing on your mind. BLK tip for this week, make the picture the second thing you think about after booking the order for the reasons listed above! Plan out your production week and leave the day of delivery/ celebration the day that you take pictures and have all other decorating completed.


Blk production schedule

Saturday ( 7 days prior to event): Shop for all perishable ingredients

Sunday: Bake and freeze all cakes for weekend orders

Monday: Batch of buttercream, prepare cake board

Tuesday: Batch of buttercream, make fillings, fit piping bags

Wednesday: Thaw cakes, color buttercream, ice and fill cake, dowel if needed

Thursday: Stack cakes if needed, decorate

Friday: Finish decorating, final touches, set up shooting area to be ready for dawn

Saturday: Shoot, deliver, RELAX