Tip Tuesday


|Lemon Cake Tips|

The weather is heating up and you may find yourself baking fruitier cakes on a more frequent basis. Lemon cake to be exact! There are so many different lemon cake recipes, some lemon cakes made from scratch, others from cake mix. Lemon cake with raspberry filling ( a personal favorite of mine) or even paired with white chocolate, no doubt a crowd pleaser.  No matter which route you take, give that lemon cake a strong voice so the flavor dances on your tongue when you eat it.


Skip adding jello to your freshly made cake batter and impart an authentic lemon flavor by first gently zesting your lemons into a measuring cup then heating your whole lemons in the microwave for 15 seconds. Doing so will  allow the juices to flow more freely and in the end you won’t use as many lemons to satisfy your recipe! Briefly roll your lemons across a hard surface, cut them in half and juice away.