Lucky Treats



  1. A bite of magic

    1. Addictive in nature

    2. If a unicorn wanted to be a treat, it would be a lucky treat

  2. Versatile treat

    1. Transformed by buttercream

    2. delightful cake filling

You’ve had Rice Krispie treats, right? Gooey, sweet and full of nostalgia. Well, we are going to take it up a notch, don’t worry, it’s pretty simple but will soon become a family favorite for sure. Queue the Lucky Charms…

Who doesn’t like Lucky Charms? I guess I should restate that, what kid doesn’t like Lucky Charms? Sweet on top of sweet and fun marshmallows for breakfast. Lucky Charms are what Saturday morning memories are made of. In order to pull off this recipe, I had to hide the cereal because it didn’t stand a chance with my kids! I would’ve been left with shaped wheat cereal if I wasn’t diligent with this precious commodity.

There is something extra special when you marry Rice Krispies with Lucky Charms. I can’t quite figure out if it is because there are extra marshmallows, if it is the different texture the cereal brings or if it is the colors that just make these treats magical. You can be the judge of that, but be carefull opening up that can of worms. You can’t say I didn’t warn you about the awesomeness of these Lucky Treats!

Besides the magical nature of this ooey gooey sweet treat, one of the best thing is they are hard to mess up! As long as you don’t scorch your marshmallow, you can’t go wrong!


ingredients/ supplies

  • Stock pot

  • Rubber spatula

  • Cookie sheet or baking pan

  • Non stick baking spray

  • 5 cups Lucky Charms

  • 3 cups Rice Krispies

  • 20 ounces mini marshmallows

  • 3 tbsp butter

  • 1 batch Italian meringue buttercream (optional)


  1. In a stock pot on your oven range, mix and melt butter, marshmallows and vanilla on medium heat. Stir every 10-15 seconds to avoid scorching

  2. When mixture is melted, add in cereal.

  3. Spray your rubber spatula with non stick cooking spray before stirring mixture to reduce stickiness. Spray cookie sheet or baking pan with non stick spray.

  4. Stir cereal and marshmallow mixture together until well incorporated then transfer to baking pan. Pat into an even layer using spatula. Let rest for 30 minutes before eating


Author’s Note

Lucky treats can be eaten plain just as the recipe states, ending on step 4. For buttercream lovers, spreading it on thick gives this treat another boast.


Have Lucky Treats and cake! It’s the best of both worlds. Making this treat as a cake filling is a cinch. Grab a clean cake pan, the same size as the cake layers baked. Line your pan with plastic wrap generously sprayed with non stick baking spray. Spread your lucky treat mixture in pan just as you would making the bars and wrap it up until time to use.