Tip Tuesday- Keep cakes from sticking


|Keep cakes from sticking|

It is no fun to spend an afternoon baking cake when you get to the point of taking them out of the pan and they either break or have dusty bottoms. Greasing a cake pan is a necessary step and if skipped can prove to be detrimental. Some bakers swear by cake goop. I generally don’t have shortening in my kitchen unless I am making fondant so I have yet to try cake goop, however, I always have parchment paper on hand.

To make parchment circles, I lay out parchment with an unused cake pan and pencil. I trace lots of pan sizes and cut them out so I have plenty on hand when I go to bake or ice a cake.

The most common way to make sure your cake doesn’t stick is by greasing and flouring a pan, however, if you are baking a chocolate cake, the flour will be visible when you turn it out. To avoid flour dust with chocolate cake or even brownies, dust with cocoa powder . With other flavored cakes, I often grease and sugar instead! Sugar spreads easier than flour and doesn’t clump or leave a film. Instead, it leaves a slightly sweet coating on the sides and bottom of the cake.

cocoa powder