Valentine's Day Cake

February is right around the corner and love is in the air, can’t you smell it? Maybe that’s chocolate. Either way, here is a simple cake to fit the holiday! I first saw this cake while scrolling through my Instagram feed and thought to myself, I must make this! This design is originally created by Frostedfujicakes so you might stop by her instagram page and be inspired! Rachel is a crazy sprinkle genius and to be honest has really inspired me to expand my taste and skills.

A sight for sore eyes, isn’t she?

Valentine's Day cake

The beauty of this cake lies in the simplicity of it, really. If you are fairly new to decorating, this is a great opportunity to practice your foundation skills like achieving a clean sharp icing, piping borders and mastering the ganache drip. I chose a chocolate strawberry number for the canvas of this beauty. I used this recipe along with strawberry compote and a strawberry buttercream filling and finished it with a vanilla bean buttercream so I could have the outside white.

If you are planning on making this cake just like I have, it is best to purchase sprinkles as soon as you can. I ordered these cute metallic rods and balls from Sweetapolita and they shipped from Canada so I had to wait a bit. In a pinch there are other good sprinkle providers and craft stores, however, I thought that her mixes were far superior.

supply list…

So you can gather them and avoid a Valentine’s mad-dash

  • 1 Iced cake ( your preferred flavor, I did chocolate strawberry)

  • Reserve vanilla buttercream

  • Digital scale

  • 3 ounces heavy cream

  • 3 ounces Dark chocolate

  • Liquid measuring cup

  • Bowls for mixing

  • Food gel color ( I used pink)

  • Rubber spatula(s)

  • Piping bags

  • Squeeze bottle (optional)

  • Offset spatula

  • Piping tip 2D

  • Heart shaped mini sprinkles

  • Metallic rod sprinkles

  • Metallic ball sprinkles

  • Pink and white valentines sprinkle mix or “Be Mine” sprinkle collection

  • Turntable

Big Laugh Kitchen Tip:

I can’t stress enough how much I love my cakesafe acrylics, whenever I use them, my cakes come out clean and sharp. Furthermore, acrylics decreased my icing time by 70% If you sell cakes for income, that time adds up and is worth the investment. If you are a hobby baker or even someone who bakes for fun, your time is still valuable and acrylics would be worth the investment.

  1. Gather all of the supplies and ingredients that you need to make this cake and keep. Make sure your work space is clean so you can easily access the things that you need

  2. Start by separating out your sprinkles into individual bowls for ease of use

gather tools

3. Measure out  3 ounces of dark chocolate and 3 ounces of heavy cream sticking to the 1:1 ratio for dripping ganache. Using a heat proof liquid measuring cup, warm up your heavy cream in the microwave for 30 seconds. You want to make it hot but avoid scorching it. If it isn’t hot enough after 30 seconds, do another 30 burst in the microwave but keep a close eye on it.


4. Pour dark chocolate chips into heavy cream, cover and let set for a few minutes. Stir to  fully incorporate. Set aside

mix ganache

5. Put your cake on its final resting board, make sure that it is centered and place it in the fridge to chill.

6. Put chocolate ganache into either a piping bag without a coupler or a squeeze bottle

7. Remove cake from fridge and place on turntable. With much care, drip chocolate ganache down the sides of the cake but only covering ¼ of the cake. Don’t apply too much pressure because you don’t want the drips to go all the way to the bottom of the cake. If you find your ganache is too runny, it is still too warm and will need time to cool down a bit more.

ganache drip

8. Using your finger, gently apply sprinkles to each ganache drip. If you find you are having trouble, try to apply the sprinkles using food only tweezers. Give your cake a good once over and find the best spot to place your hugs and kisses sprinkles. Gently place them onto your cake with either food only tweezers or your fingers

apply sprinkles

9. With a bit of uniformity, add heart sprinkles to the parts of the cake not covered in ganache or your love message.

10. Tint your reserve buttercream pink and put into piping bag fitted with a 2D or 1M tip, it’s your choice. Pipe a rope border around the top of your cake

rope border

Finish off with sprinkles!

You did it! You should be proud of yourself :) Just think of all the ways you could change up a design like this to fit in with just about every holiday, even the silly ones or other special occasions.