Cutting Custom Shaped Cakes

Custom shaped cakes

Scrolling through Pinterest seeing all those cool shaped cakes got you wanting to go shopping for new shiny pans? Cool your jets! Unless you plan on baking hexagon and heart shaped cakes on the regular, don’t waste your money. This practice is really easy and much cheaper than shelling out loads of cash for fancy pans. Secondly, not all pans produce the sharpest of edges ( for the pro) and trimming may be necessary for stellar cake design. If you don’t have custom acrylic shapes to cut with, print out some templates.

Tools needed

  • Frozen cake layers 1” larger than the intended size to leave room to trim

  • Sharp knife

  • Cutting board

  • Template or acrylic of custom shape

custom shaped cakes blk

Gather all of your supplies in a clean workspace.

Big Laugh Kitchen Tip:

keep a bowl handy so you can put your scraps into them. When you are finished cutting your custom cake, add a bit of buttercream to your cake scraps to make cake pops, balls or truffles. I like to make cake balls then use them as the base of my buttercream flowers for an unexpected touch.

Step one

1. Place template or acrylic over frozen cake making sure it is centere

step two

2. Take your time, making sure to hold the knife flush to the template or acrylic and make a cut straight down

Step three

3.Continue around the template cutting off the excess edges of the cake until you have the shape just how you like it

Authors notes

  • I like to use custom cut acrylics for templates because I can wash them and reuse them as apposed to paper that I would have to throw away. I made that decision depending on how often I planned on using the particular shape. My custom acrylics are made by Cakesafe, all I did was send and email and they were very helpful in making what I needed, even if it was the first time with a special cake for them.

  • To make a template using print outs is fairly easy. Search for the shape you want but make sure that the print out will be large enough for the size you are going for to avoid wasting paper