Faux Marble Counter top for your cake pictures

I never would’ve imagined that I wouldn’t have to remodel my kitchen to have a high end work space! Quite honestly, when I started becoming attracted to photos of white spaces and dreamy kitchens, my first thought was to figure out how I was going to afford and justify a kitchen overhaul. Selling cakes weren’t getting me close to my financial goal and setting aside little by little, although good, was going to take longer than my anxiousness would permit.

It occurred to me one day, “ why don’t I just make a faux counter top?” It seemed genius really, I have tons of props for staging that never actually get used for real food so why not do the same for a counter top? Perfect for flat lay settings and even ingredient shots, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it sooner.

Ready to beef up your pictures by growing your prop collection? Only a few supplies will be needed for this and you will have a nice addition to your prop stash in no time!


  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Marble contact paper

  • Cardboard or particle board cut just slightly smaller than the size of contact paper

  1. Decide if you will be using cardboard or particle board from your hardware store. If you will be using particle board, when you purchase at the hardware store have the associate cut it to your desired size. Make sure you know the measurements of the contact paper prior to cutting.

    Each have different values, both monetary and functional but it is up to your discretion

  2. Always start your projects with a clean surface, organize your supplies in your work space.

    I know this may seem like an obvious first step but when excitement or business are a factor it can be easily overlooked.

organize supplies

3. When cutting your surface, take care to cut your surface 1” shorter than your contact paper so you can wrap the edges instead of having them exposed in the end.

cut to size

4. Set your board on your clean work surface and ready your contact paper by pulling back the corner to reveal a small adhesive section upon the top to adhere to your board.

adhere contact paper

5. Gently and slowly remove protective paper while guiding adhesive side to board.  Every few inches, rub over paper to make sure it is smoothly coming together.


6. When you reach the end of your board, cut the paper. Cut diagonal slits along the extra paper so you can wrap the edges

diagonal cuts

There ya have it, it literally took around $12.00 and 20 minutes to achvieve this look, I’m so proud of myself right now!

Marble counter
sparkling wine marble
sparkling wine